First Light Learning Resources

The learning resources for First Light connect teachers and students to primary and secondary sources and questions and activities so they can deepen their understanding of the brutal and disturbing history of settler colonialism and its impact on Native peoples, government policies that aimed to force Native people to stop being who they are, and the process of healing that accompanies a truth and reconciliation commission. 

These resources are central to the Upstander Project's teacher workshops and classroom presentations. Before using the resources that appear below, teachers may want to pose a simple overarching question: What is your personal response to the film? This can be done in a Listening Circle (instructions here), as a pair-share activity, or popcorn-style large group conversation. 

You may download the film transcript here.


In addition to these free learning resources, we offer in-school professional development for teachers and work directly with students either in the classroom or large group assemblies.