We help bystanders become upstanders through compelling documentary films and learning resources. 

upstander, noun
A person who stands up, speaks out, and/or takes action in defense of those who are targeted for harm; one who aims to prevent or stop harm and/or injustice and transform situations where individuals or groups are mistreated; Can refer to situations defined by interpersonal, communal, social, and international disputes. ANTONYM: bystander

Who we serve

We serve mass and targeted audiences by challenging indifference to injustice and raising awareness of the need for upstanders, especially among teachers and their students.

What we do

With original documentaries, related learning resources, and educator workshops, the Upstander Project helps teachers and students become upstanders.

Our goals

  1. Overcome indifference to social injustice;
  2. Develop the skills of upstanders;
  3. Contribute to action-oriented campaigns in response to vital social issues.