Teacher Workshops

The Upstander Project is a comprehensive documentary and educational outreach project created and based in Boston. Our films, learning resources, and teacher workshops serve as an entry point to conversations about unexamined events in social history and teach students to source and contextualize materials while they explore the meaning and merit of forgiveness, reconciliation, and upstanding.

WOrkshop Options

  • Upstander Academy, a five-day summer intensive for teachers
  • After-school workshops using Upstander Project resources
  • Full-day workshops for teachers
  • Classroom presentations in collaboration with teachers


The Upstander Project collaborates with teachers through workshops and professional development institutes so teachers can:

  1. Help students gain new content knowledge to deepen their historical understanding of disturbing social issues where upstanders did make or could have made a difference;
  2. Help students develop historical thinking skills by learning to think critically about historical events, contextualize them, make arguments, use evidence, and cite sources. 
  3. Model the behaviors and attitudes of upstanders;
  4. Teach students how to safely stand up, speak out, and ask questions to stop hurtful, biased, and bigoted speech and actions;
  5. Support students to cultivate self-awareness, relationship skills, and empathic social awareness. 

Learning Resources

We work with teachers and subject matter experts to create lesson and unit plans and related curricular materials, so educators can get the most out of our documentary films in their classrooms. Lessons, which are designed to be interactive and engaging, combine rich content with skill building so students deepen their understanding of social issues while developing skills in critical thinking, collaboration, social and global awareness, upstanding, and civic engagement. Educators seeking materials that address complex historical and current issues in ways that are relevant to their students will find creative and stimulating activities in the Upstander Project's learning resources.

Supporting Teachers

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