The Final Countdown

When we celebrate our independence across America on this Fourth of July, Rwandans will observe the 15th anniversary of the liberation of their capital, Kigali, and the beginning of the end of the genocide, a 100 day systematic slaughter of 1,000,000 human beings. This horrible chapter in the history of humanity is creating an unlikely opportunity. Two weeks after that anniversary, the Reconciliation's Reach documentary film team will be in Kigali to document an event 14 years in the making, the opening of REACH's Center for Unity and Peace. We will also spend a week in the village of Rusumo to record a 4-day seminar bringing together recently released killers with survivors. Witnessing these painful first steps toward rebuilding destroyed relationships and neighborhoods is powerful. We have seen that viewing these experiences motivates students in America to consider opportunities to improve their lives.

Today, you can join in these efforts aimed at developing student leaders in the U.S. and around the world to prevent violence, improve communities, and build peace.

Despite the recession, you have donated $65,000 cash and in-kind donations since last fall, allowing this project to grow. This includes a $10,000 grant from the Germeshausen Foundation. The Boston-based Foundation supports institutions including Harvard, MIT, WGBH, and the Museum of Fine Arts. Organizations including Facing History & Ourselves, the United Nations, and Boston Public Schools are interested in distributing our project to their audiences.

The total price of tickets ($8,000) for our 3-person team, is just about 10% of what you have already contributed.

Many of you have asked when the next fundraising event will be, this is it!

When everyone reading these words gives just $50, we can get to Rwanda to build on our efforts to prevent violence in our communities.

Please find donations instructions here:

Or go directly to our secure tax-deductible donation page (be sure to select "Reconciliation's Reach" for your Purpose of Donation)

Thank you~ Adam Mazo, Executive Producer


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