Thank You for Supporting Reconciliation's Reach

So many generous people came out to our benefit concert in Boston to support our documentary film project Reconciliation's Reach, last night. 2Adam12 Rockin' Out at Hennessy's

Thank you for visiting our site and a special thank you to those who joined us at the event. Your support is testament to the fact that the lessons Rwandans can teach us have relevance to the lives of people in Boston and around the world. As President Obama said in his news conference this week, he believes in the power of persistence, so do we and so do the Rwandans we will focus on in our film.

By the hundreds of thousands, neighbors killed neighbors. Now the killers share dinner with survivors. Reconciliation's Reach, will show how Rwandan women have become pioneers of reconciliation after genocide. An organization dedicated to rebuilding Rwanda is turning hated neighbors into friends, creating lasting peace in villages around the country. Survivors and perpetrators come together to learn about their past, apologize for their mistakes, and build a future together. This method of reconciliation has the potential to be used around the world.

Please dig deeper, learn more about project, and come back frequently to check in. We update our site often. Click here for more photos of our event, Rock Out for Reconciliation's Reach. -Adam Mazo, Executive Producer, Reconciliation's Reach