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NPR's news-talk program Tell Me More interviewed Upstander Director Dr. Mishy Lesser and East Hartford High School language arts teacher Joanie Landrum about the yearlong pilot we are running at EHHS for teachers and students to build social-emotional skills and learn about compassion, forgiveness, and othering. You can listen to the 9-minute audio segment or read the transcript at the Tell Me More website.

Coexist airs tonight across the country (and you can watch online too)

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We invite you to watch the broadcast premiere of Coexist on the World Channel tonight at 6pm and 9pm (and tomorrow at 10am and 4pm). See below for detailed airtimes in cities across the United States. You can also watch Coexist right now on Amazon (U.S.) and on Google Play (worldwide)!

There are multiple opportunities to learn more about the Upstander Project and our film:

  • Listen to Upstander Director Dr. Mishy Lesser and East Hartford High School Language rts teacher Joanie Landrum as they describe the yearlong pilot project now underway at EHHS in East Hartford, Connecticut. They are featured on on NPR's Tell Me More this afternoon. (Search for the airtime in your city here or download the podcast  here)
  • Read the review of Coexist in the New York Times
  • Click the map below to download a listing of when you can watch Coexist in your area

Building the Coexist team at one high school


Today is the final workshop with the 25 faculty and staff members before we bring the students in to join this new team we're forming at East Hartford High School (CT). The educators have spent this school year deepening their understanding of genocide and othering, bystanding and upstanding, retaliation and forgiveness, and practicing new skills (Guided Visualization, Talking Circles, Walk the Wall, Snowball). In the process our Upstander Project team is supporting social emotional learning, cultivating interdisciplinary collaboration among teachers from distinct disciplines, and creating a safe space for learning and discussion that can benefit students. This is all leading up to April 3rd when over twenty students join the Coexist Team. In September 2013 the Upstander Project launched a yearlong pilot project in partnership with EHHS.  The plan: work with the adults in the fall/winter months and invite the students to join us in the spring. The vision: use our documentary film Coexist and the activities in the Teacher's Guide to help the school strengthen its leadership culture with an eye toward making othering socially unacceptable.

What ideas would you like to share that support social emotional learning at your school or in your life?

New Trailer Released

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Check out the newly released trailer (below) for the soon-to-be released hour-long edition of Coexist, coming to a TV near you in the Spring! Please share it, tweet about it (@coexistdoc), post your thoughts on our facebook, and tell your friends.

It's been a busy summer and early fall for the Coexist team. We're fresh off workshops at the Massachusetts Teacher's Association Conference and an amazing time spent working with the staff and education teams of South Africa's Holocaust and Genocide Centres in Durban, Cape Town, and Johannesburg.

South Africa Holocaust and Genocide Centres Staff at Coexist workshop in Durban

Much more come this fall as we present at conferences in Waterloo, Ontario, Daytona Beach, Florida, and St. Louis Missouri. More details are available here:

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How Coexist is working in Schools

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Commemorating the genocide in Rwanda

Commemorating the genocide in Rwanda

Commemorating the 19th anniversary of the Rwanda genocide with a tribute to a young victim of the slaughter. Coexist is a documentary and educational outreach project in use by more than 3,000 schools and community organizations in 50 states and more than a dozen countries.