Rock Out for Reconciliation's Reach

rockoutAs we prepare for our benefit concert event on Thursday March 26th, reconciliation is on the minds of world leaders everywhere. Pope Benedict the XVI will visit Africa for the first time as leader of the Catholic church next week. His mission? "The first trip to Africa is a trip of hope and overall reconciliation," according to Vatican spokesman Federico Lombardi.

Rival Palestinian factions began reconciliation talks this week. While President Barack Obama proposed what many columnists are calling a controversial plan to work toward reconciliation with some Taliban fighters in Afghanistan.

Meanwhile, one method for achieving lasting reconciliation already appears to be working in Rwanda, by focusing on neighbors and turning them into community leaders. We will investigate this model in the documentary film, Reconciliation's Reach. ----

Join us in Boston: rockout Rock Out for Reconciliation's Reach Thursday, March 26th Hennessy's of Boston 25 Union St. Boston, MA 02108 6 p.m. - 1:30 a.m.

Come for the live music, dozens of raffle prizes worth thousands of dollars and much more! To learn more about Rock Out for Reconciliation's Reach and download the flyer click here. RSVP via facebook. Not a facebook member? Email us! --

Did you see this? We recently had the opportunity to talk about our film on ABC-TV in Sarasota, Florida.

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