Just Touched Down in Winnipeg

Adam and I braved the head winds this morning and made our way to Western Canada where, starting tomorrow, we will screen Coexist at the Peace and Justice Studies Association Annual Conference.  This is PJSA's 8th Annual Conference and this year's theme is "Building Bridge, Crossing Borders: Gender, Identity, and Security in the Search for Peace."  We will screen the film three times: once at the conference for academics, K-12 teachers, and practitioners; at a high school in Winnipeg; and at the Conference's Youth Summit. The sun is still shining through the afternoon clouds and we will go explore the city, and register for the Conference.  From the little we have seen, the city spreads out quickly and spills into plains.  Adam said it certainly lacks the congestion of a typical US east coast city.  We are near the land of the Misipawistik Cree Nation.  Our taxi driver was Sikh, we passed a Greek/Jamaican Restaurant, a Hindu Temple, and the hotel staff are South Asian.  In other words, Winnipeg appears to be a multicultural city.

More tomorrow, as we are off to meet James from the Youth Summit.

Mishy Lesser, Upstander Director